Last minute fliers

May 9, 2008 at 10:12 pm (Uncategorized)

I apologize for throwing this up so late in the game, but I realize that some people may have not purchased their airplane tickets to Florida yet.  No, I’m not volunteering to pay for anyone, are you kidding? My wallet is empty from this wedding! I’m just realizing that I didn’t let anyone know which airport to fly into.  

There are several options. If you’re fortunate enough to get a flight into Sarasota, you’ll be stoked. It’s just across the bay and only 13.5 miles (24 min) away from the Hilton Longboat Key.  

The most common option is Tampa (which is where we are flying into), because it’s generally cheaper and has better flight schedules than Sarasota.  The drawback is that it’s 59.3 miles away (1 hour and 15 min without traffic).  There are two major routes to take from the airport though, so if you have an opportunity to check the traffic once you land you can take the 75 South or the 275 South, depending on which is better.

The third option, if you’re a little more looney, is to fly into Orlando and follow my parents down to Longboat Key.  My sister is flying in from Japan to Orlando and braving the 2.5 hour trek down.  I don’t recommend it.


I hope that by now you’ve already purchased tickets, but if not, you better get on it.  We’re less than 30 days away!





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